How to Stop Gas Pains

Are you experiencing awful gas pains and are wondering how to stop gas pains? It is very uncomfortable to deal with the pains. Many suffer from gas pain and also struggle when there are others around. This can cause quite an embarrassment and discomfort in social situations.

In order to experience relief you will need to determine the cause of the gas. There are so many different causes of gas pains. Skipping meals, or eating old vegetables, being sick, air that is trapped and much more can cause gas. Fortunately however,there are many ways you can find ease from the uncomfortable trapped gas pains and avoid them from finding lodging again.

Simple Remedies to Stop Gas Pain:

A good home remedy is eating ginger or placing some ginger in your tea. Take a cup of hot water. Put a tea bag in the cup and cover it for about five minutes. You may add sugar as you like.

Another great remedy is Mint. When the gas pains are too much to handle, use a bag of mint tea. You can also try your hand at creating your blend that is special to you. Simply, place it in warm water and start sipping away.

Chamomile tea is another great tea that is effective for uneasy stomach. This tea works as a soothing agent that will help soothe the lining of your intestines. This tea is great to drink in the evening, right before bed. It helps calms your nerves so that you can have a better nights rest.

Stretching if done correctly, will help release the air that is trapped and help you expel it much quicker. If you lay on your back in a flat position and pull your knees up to your chest and hug them tightly this should be good enough to squeeze out some of the gas that might be trapped. This is a good exercise to use for infants also who are experiencing trapped gas.

Going for a quick walk can help remove trapped wind in your intestines. Keep those arms moving. This will help you increase your movement and help get some of the trapped gas out and help stop the gas pains.

Trapped wind might be a symptom of that awful indigestion.To help with this you can take a medicine called Gaviscon that will help work out the gas quicker. You can find this medicine at your local drugstore.

Try sitting on your toilet. This can cause your intestines and bowels to relax and you can get rid of trapped air. At times we may mistake the “urge to go” as really just trapped gas that needs to be expelled. Sitting on the toilet will help with that movement and help work that gas out.

In conclusion, these are some simple steps to help you find how to stop gas pains and help stop further gas. If you do not find relief when doing any of these you will need to contact your doctor and seek further medical attention.

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